Otter Estate, set on the West Coast of Scotland, surrounds the hamlet of Kilfinan, Argyll in the Scottish Highlands.  Less than a 2 hour drive from Glasgow International Airport, the estate has been described by LS Productions as a ‘stunning landscape of varying aspects and aesthetics’.  Situated on the eastern shore of Loch Fyne, the longest sea loch in the United Kingdom, the estate includes nearly 4km of coastline.

The area is of historic importance with a number of standing stones and derelict ghost buildings of long lost fishing communities.  The Kilfinan church has a number of crusader crosses that date back to the early days of Christianity.

The remains of and monument to Castle Ewen, the ancestral home of the Clan MacEwen stands on a promontory above the shore.  The estate owns the beach to the low water mark, which is a rare title given to the previous owners, the Rankin family who were pipers to the the Kings of Scotland.

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